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Welcome to the Rupp's Family Website...brought to you by Rob.

This site is here simply to provide updated information, and pictures!, of what we are experiencing in the beautiful, mountainous state of Colorado. I will be posting new pictures on a regular basis, so if you would like to be notified once new pics go up, go to Feedback and fill it out or send an e-mail to Rob@Rupps.net. I will send you an e-mail when there is something new.

Latest News:


12/25/07 Merry Christmas! Yup, over a year since I've added anything, but Bandit & Riley just went up under Photo Gallery.

12/10/06 the Breckenridge 2006 pics are up. Look for amazing shots of sledding! Don't forget to check out www.Cakes.Rupps.net as new items are there, too.

12/9/06 Check out the Steamboat pics and Las Vegas pics under Photo Gallery. We went to Steamboat for the 4th and just the 2 of of went to LV for our anniversary this year.

10/1/06 It's been a hectic summer, actually a hectic past 8 months, but we have plenty of pics to show for it. We went to Steamboat Springs over 4th of July and that was a lot of fun.

1/29/06 Happy New Year! It's been very busy so far. I've gotten the Breck 05 Pics posted under Photo Gallery. Now it's time to work on the Disney pics. We were there from 12/25/05-1/4/06 and have a few hundred to go through.

12/11/05 Our 2005 Christmas Letter can be found here. Our 2004 Christmas Letter is here.

11/27/05 We just got back from Breckenridge & A-Basin over Thanksgiving 2005. Look for pictures under Photo Gallery.

10/23/05 Happy 12th Anniversary Rob & Jennifer! We spent a part of the day at the Pumpkin Patch. Check out the pics.

9/13/05 New pics have been posted to The Kids and House & Neighborhood. Check em out!

9/9/05 As some of you know, Jennifer has been making custom cakes for some time now. We've put together a brochure and she was in an neighborhood expo this past weekend. Check out her site at www.Cakes.Rupps.net!

7/31/05 Okay, it's been awhile since I've had time to do some posting. We've been working on Mom & Dad's place putting up ceiling fans, pictures and working on the finishing touches. The Rupp Kids from Palos are here to visit. Their pics, so far, can be found here.

4/17/05 It snowed about 12" on Sunday, 4/10, but was mostly gone by Monday afternoon, and back into the 60's last week. Check it out under Blizzard - 4/10/05 on the Photo Gallery Page. Also, the first RMNP pics have been posted and can be found under Photo Gallery, Rocky Mountain National Park, 4/18/04.

4/9/05 A big storm is coming tonight so this weekend I took the pics on Saturday, 4/9. More pics were added to Mountainscapes & Skyscapes. Some of the best sunsets can be seen from our house.

3/31/05 With Easter last weekend, and going to RMNP the weekend before, I fell behind on posting. After work tonight, I took some pics of Mom and Dad's place and they are posted. I've added another page under their section because the existing page was getting too large to load over dialup. The first page is the pre-drywall stage and the second is post-drywall. Things are progressing nicely and on schedule for a June closing.

2/20/05  Nothing was posted last weekend, the 12th & 13th, because it was about 70 degrees outside. Check out the Boulder page under Photo Gallery.

2/6/05 Added today are new pics of Mom & Dad's place. Also, Sparky, there are 219 Disney pics for your viewing pleasure. At first, all 219 were all on one page, but I figured out pretty quickly that isn't the way the pros do it, so I spread them out over 4 pages. Response time should be a little better.

2/3/05 Got domain? We do! Welcome to www.rupps.net and 5GB of storage! Big improvement over the standard package from Comcast.

1/9/05 Okay, it's 58 degrees at 11am and I am sitting at the PC working on this. Look for Christmas pics under Photo Gallery. All I need to do is finish my annual review for work, return some long overdue e-mails and then I'm headed outside.

12/25/04 Please be patient as we are just starting this site. The only live sections are "About Us" & "Photo Gallery". Completed pages will be posted as they are ready, however you will find some stuff on this site that just doesn't make sense yet. We have hundreds of archived photos that need to be added and it will take some time.


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